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Smart Energy Aware Systems

The SEAS project will address the problem of inefficient and unsustainable energy consumption, which is due to a lack of sufficient means to control, monitor, estimate and adapt energy usage of systems versus the dynamic usage situations and circumstances influencing the energy usage.

Current energy, automation and ICT systems provide only rather static and coarse means to control, monitor and estimate energy consumption at the consumption sites, which leads to energy wasting in buildings (e.g. non-optimal heating/cooling) and hinders deployment of highly fluctuating renewable energy generation. An additional aim is to explore business models and solutions that will enable energy market participants to incorporate micro-grid environments and active customers.

VPS’s role is to develop the requirements specification for the ICT and automation support in smart energy aware systems, develop energy resources in buildings and management strategies, to define the context awareness requirements in Smart Energy Buildings, to develop sensing and communication solutions, evaluate the prototypes and field trials and develop a Smart Energy Aware Building multi agent distributed management platform and use cases repository.