Save Energy



To install a complete system for monitoring and managing real time energy data, checking the impact of the platform’s consumption.

Main goal

To implement five energy efficiency pilots in five European cities: Helsinki (Finland), Leiden (Netherlands), Lisbon (Portugal), Lulea (Sweden) and Manchester (England).

The SAVE ENERGY project used a serious game approach providing an engaging believable virtual environment for citizens, consumers and policy makers to gain awareness, understanding and experience regarding issues associated with behavioural change and energy efficiency, in both the immediate and longer terms.

The project delivered a model that is simple, attractive and effective enough for users to actively and consistently engage with. Pilots involved public buildings from 5 major European Cities (Helsinki, Manchester, Lisbon, Lulea and Leiden) that demonstrated the extent to which tangible emissions reduction is achievable.

The 5 pilots included in the action used electronic sensors to measure energy usage, plug adapters between wall sockets and the devices that plugs into them used the mains electricity as both a power source and means of communication, measured the energy used by devices, and communicated this to a local “gateway” system with a web interface.

VPS’s (former ISA Energy) role in the project was linked with the implementation of the project pilot and testing and evaluation of the Lisbon pilot. It also developed the middleware for the interoperability of the heterogeneous technological components of the energy efficiency management platform.