Platform development to control remotely the appliances. Information gathering and processing about real time energy consumption, knowing the individual consumption of each electrical appliance.

Main Goal

To maximise energy savings while maintaining the comfort levels for the users.

ENERsip focus was to create an adaptive, customisable, and service-oriented energy monitoring and control system for energy grids and decision makers. ENERsip was conceived on the idea that mixing energy, communications, control, computing and construction for the consumption and generation elements, must be active and proactively coordinated. To bring the idea into reality, the project enables enabled an open Information platform that would allow optimising in near real-time generation and consumption matching in residential, commercial buildings and neighbourhoods.

VPS’s (former ISA Energy) role in the project was associated with in-building management of energy consumption in individual appliances, home automation, and interoperability issues. The company’s expertise in metering solutions was an asset in the development of a cost-effective energy measurement system that didn’t depended on the installation of expensive individual meters in every appliance. It further contributed to the resolution of interoperability issues between different communication protocols, and helped to define an Automated Demand Response paradigm that could be used by Utilities and Consumers to work in tandem towards a more efficient exploitation of the electrical grid.