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ENEREscolas enabled the development of an energy efficiency platform especially designed for schools. This energy efficiency solution dedicated to schools, included consumption meters (gas, water, and electricity), a weather station, a mesh network for data collection and an educational software which presents the theme of energy efficiency from the point of view of various academic curricula.

VPS’s (former ISA Energy) was the project coordinator, contributing with the integration of energy performance monitoring technologies, sensors and consumption monitoring platforms as key enablers for increased efficiency in school environments. Moreover, the project also created an interactive software to engage students, teachers and school assistant on pursuing more energy efficient actions at the school level.

After successfully completing this research and development project the company engaged with the Portuguese Municipality of Águeda, to develop an energy efficiency improvement action for their schools based on the implementation of the ENEREscolas solution. 6 schools were engaged through the academic years of 2011/2012 and 2012/2013. The project achieved energy savings of 41610,90 kWh, attaining savings up to 40% in some schools.