Project # 12847

Support in the scope of the SI Business Qualification and Internationalisation - SME - Individuals Projects

BornGlobal - Active Energy Internationalization Strategy

Total Eligible Cost: 363.363,32€

EU funded support: 163.513,49€

Project Overview:

The BornGlobal project aims to reinforce Virtual Power Solutions' capacity for internationalisation, increase exports through a rigorous and ambitious internationalisation plan and contribute to the improvement of Portugal's international visibility with the presentation of solutions based on innovative technologies in foreign markets.

The internationalisation plan includes actions in the following areas: knowledge of external markets (Fairs / Exhibitions), presence on the web, through the digital economy, international brand development and promotion (promotion actions), prospection and presence in international markets (Prospecting and capturing new clients), international marketing, introduction of new methods of organisation in commercial practices or external relations and specific certifications for external markets.

Location: Coimbra

Virtual Power Solutions