Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Active Energy Management in Buildings

With this project, we intend to develop a system able to simulate different usage scenarios, and, based on those results, trigger appropriate control actions. The system will be intelligent and innovative including a disruptive element for energy efficiency solutions markets, which is the Intelligent and Adaptive Virtual Assistant, serving as an interface between the user and the whole structure of management and control of the energy consumption system.

There are 4 Modules:

  1. Monitoring and dynamic management platform

  2. Simulation and forecast

  3. Resources optimisation

  4. Intelligent and Adaptive Virtual Assistant

Objectives With this project we intend to address the shortcomings identified in the state of the art and in current solutions available in the market, developing a dynamic energy consumption management system based on advanced simulation techniques and assisted by an advanced decision support system to allow adequate control of buildings resources and to achieve energy optimisation.

This system will be complemented by an intelligent virtual assistant, supporting the buildings managers in the decision-making processes, including warning of possible less efficient behaviours. It should also incorporate learning strategies (adaptive or by reinforcement) to adapt decisions to the context.