The proposed system is based on the AgriProbe concept, a modular device including specific modules for sensors, energy supply and communications, that can be tailored for each specific agricultural application. The AgriProbe project will result in the development of new processes both for soil nitrogen sensing and energy harvesting and new product concepts including modular sensor probes and contact-connection systems that will allow the SMEs of the consortium to gain o competitive edge in their respective markets and to expand/consolidate their core businesses.

Scientific Objectives

  • To develop a new soil nitrate sensing process based on thin film technology and nitrate reduction in aqueous environment for soil nitrogen levels measurement

  • To conceive and develop a new harvester concept based on Joule heating radiation, thermoelectric conversion and nanotechnology

Technological Objectives

  • To develop an integrated agricultural probe with soil and ambient sensor, energy harvesting capabilities and data acquisition and transmission systems

  • To conceive a new contact-connection technology that will allow power and data transmission between modules will be developed in the aim of the project