Support in the scope of the Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI R&D) system- Proj. Smart-PDM



Total Eligible Cost: 725.596,41€


EU funded support: 466.450,19€











Project overview



SMART-PDM’s objective is to acquire manufacturing data to provide diagnosis and prognosis information while rendering the underlying technology financially feasible.


In order to achieve this goal, we created a very complementary and conducive consortium with 13 use case demonstrators with a consortium formed by 6 integration & tools providers and 14 technology and knowledge providers all waiting to test out and further improve their technologies, with a balanced breakdown of 12 SMEs, 9 large organisations, 7 RTOs, and spread across 6 countries.


The Portuguese part of this project is structured upon a use case related with after sales support in retail operations of domestic appliances with special emphasis on the creation of new services for the predictive maintenance of domestic equipment as a differentiator factor for the business.


Predictive maintenance challenges are reflected in the project SMART-PDM, where the companies intend to improve the OEE (availability, performance, and quality) to provide better products and services, reducing costs, increasing profitability and associated security. Diagnostic and prognostic actions allow machines or processes to be maintained in good conditions, provide more precise knowledge concerning the occurrence of failures and provide instructions on how to keep the equipment in optimum condition, or How to fix them. On the other hand, the servitization of maintenance and other marketing strategies will be considered in order to provide a greater added value to customers, retailers and producers of equipment, taking advantage of the potential savings offered by prognostic techniques, a relatively new area, which became an important part of maintenance systems.


VPS as a fundamental part of the project


Virtual Power Solutions' role covers all phases of the SMART-PDM project. VPS's commitment includes:

  • Develop a smart plug prototype, capable of identifying failures and providing metrics that allow preventive maintenance

  • Develop an intelligent platform capable of implementing advanced data analysis techniques, with the objective of detecting failures and identifying the need for preventive maintenance actions

  • Interface development

    • For the end user

    • For the retail user

    • And an API to provide data to other external platforms (e.g. retailer's breakdown management platform)


To know more about SMART-PDM please visit the project's website at


Location: Coimbra

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