SunOn Energy increases our presence in Brazil

SunOn Energy

SunOn Energy is a Brazilian company that invests in photovoltaic solar power plants (UFVs) and leases them to distributed generation customers, a system that is regulated in Brazil by the Energy Compensation System.

Kisense will enable SunOn Energy to manage the energy credits in the Energy Compensation System and billing for customers that lease the UFVs. To do so, we will develop a new module of our Energy Optimisation System that meets SunOn Energy's needs.

The main functionalities of this module will be:

  1. To account for the credit of injected energy in the network and to divide the respective credits among the Consumer Units (CUs) according to the division communicated to the distributor by SICES.

  2. Automate the collection of energy bills on the websites of energy distributors where SICES owns UFVs.

  3. Integrate the databases of the inverters used by SICES with Kisense to allow the collection of the data obtained by the inverters.

  4. Collection of energy meter data from energy concessionaires that allow access.

  5. Validate the energy credit injected with what appears in the energy bills, identifying inconsistencies.

  6. Compare the generated energy indicated by the inverters with the energy injected from the meters of the utilities to measure the losses within the UFVs and to identify possible inconsistencies.

  7. Account the balance of the energy credit that the consumer has, to be compensated within the 60 months that he has for compensation.

  8. Communicate to the invoice issuing software what was actually consumed and the amount that should be charged.

  9. Analysis of consumption by customer invoices to verify some change of standard in relation to consumption history and comparison between units of the same customer normalised by some indicator (e.g. energy consumption per m2).

With this partnership VPS solidifies its presence in South America, a market with enormous potential to adopt solutions designed for the Energy of the Future.