A New Year, A New HQ

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The beginning of the year coincided with our move to our new headquarters. Now that we have completed our adapting process to our new facilities we want to wish you a great year of 2019.

Our new address is:

Virtual Power Solutions Ladeira da Paula, nº6 3040-574 Antanhol, Coimbra

With the departure from the Instituto Pedro Nunes, which has hosted us since our foundation as Virtual Power Solutions and to whom we thank very much, we will have the opportunity to do something that we have long sought to do: transform our headquarters in a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB).

In general terms, a NZEB is a self-sufficient building. A building that tend to eliminate the dependence of third parties for supplying energy and water. A task permanently unfinished due to constant technological innovations.

We are still in the beginning. However, every time you visit us you will notice the progresses we will be ensuring to make our headquarters the perfect example of a NZEB. And of course, if you have any suggestions, do tell us.

Come and pay us a visit!