VPS accepted at the COTEC SME Innovation Network

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Our application to the COTEC SME Innovation Network was unanimously accepted by the Monitoring Committee of the COTEC Network. For us this is an excellent new since it is the recognition of our work and the possibility to cement our position as an innovative SME in the Portuguese business ecosystem.

The mission of COTEC is to "promote the increase of competitiveness for Portugal-based companies, through the development and diffusion of a culture and practice of innovation, as well as knowledge residing in the country." Its performance is based on promoting a culture of innovation as an essential source of corporate competitiveness, enhance practice innovation by all agents of the National Innovation System, influence the strategic guidelines of the National and European Innovation Systems and remove barriers from context to innovation.

Thus, and because VPS has been accepted as a member of the COTEC SME Innovation Network, we will have the opportunity to establish new, and strengthen existing, relations with other members, ranging from the 100 largest Portuguese companies to other innovative SMEs. And because COTEC Portugal is part ofa European network, where it is closely linked to its counterparts COTEC Spain and COTEC Italy, more doors in these markets will open.