VPS organises conferences on Public Lighting

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At the beginning of May, together with B2CITIzens, we organised two conferences, in Porto and in Lisbon, on Public Lighting and the Electric Power Distribution Network in Low Voltage. The end of the concession contracts in force is an excellent opportunity for us to penetrate the public sector, particularly at the city level since councils now have the possibility of managing those infrastructures by themselves or to make a new concession contract.

For us this was a good way to establish direct contact with more than a hundred city councils, opening doors to celebrate new Public Lighting contracts, an area where we strongly bet and have had good results.

As the Electric Power Distribution Network in Low Voltage management is something very attractive to providers, this is an opportunity for VPS to implement Kiplo in multiple locations, showing all its potential.The database of contacts of Portuguese councils we built in recent weeks may also enable us to present projects such as Comunidades S – Energy Communities at city level – and BeWatt, the educational platform designed to help children understand energy and the importance of saving energy for a sustainable world.

Both conferences were a great success and city councils who attended them thanked the clarifications provided. As we suspected, Low Voltage Network Management is for many a subject that they do not master.