VPS is on EDI project


We are happy to announce that Virtual Power Solutions is one of the partners of the European Data Incubator (EDI) project. With 20 different partners from 10 different countries, EDI intends to incubate SMEs and start-ups who use Big Data open source tools to address major challenges in different businesses from their data assets analysis.

EDI will enable Big Data focused experimentation and business incubation by making available the tools (hardware & software), data and the resources (funding and business orientation) for the future Big Data companies in Europe. One of the main objectives is to eliminate barriers for Big Data Business Incubation by providing:

  • free infrastructure with open source tools

  • training on the most known off-the-shelf solutions

  • connection with the largest online network for start-ups

The project will last until June 2021 and Virtual Power Solutions, alongside some major Portuguese and European companies, will be one of the big data providers.