Luxury Townhouses with Cloogy

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There are already 4 houses in Lisbon Green Valley, the new residential phase of Belas Clube de Campo, which rely on Cloogy to monitor electrical consumption. Owned by the André Jordan Group, the expansion of the project, which began in 1990, aims to ensure that all villas and apartments are at the forefront of the best environmental practices.

Gilberto Jordan, the son of the mentor and CEO of André Jordan Group, stressed that "this is the most ecological house in Portugal, the most sustainable. It has innovative aspects, such as the 25,000 litres deposit for rainwater that can be used to irrigate the garden, a solar thermal panel to heat the water of domestic consumption and a photovoltaic solar panel that produces electricity for consumption.

And now, with Cloogy, the optimisation of electric energy consumption is also a reality.