VPS starts its activity in Argentina

Juan Pablo Bibiloni, Juan Manuel Silgueira and José Basílio Simões

Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) started its activity in Argentina this month. Our Co-Founder José Basílio Simões travelled to Buenos Aires to officially launch VPS activity in that South American country, where the search for solutions that increase energy efficiency has now gained a new impetus.

Juan Pablo Bibiloni and Juan Manuel Silgueira, operation directors in Argentina, joined our Co-Founder in this business mission in Argentina. The three were present at Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace, where President Mauricio Macri announced the launch of a Programme for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency. They were able to confirm the interest in VPS's intelligent Energy Management solutions, and that our strategy is perfectly aligned to policies to be developed to stimulate the production of energy via renewable sources and to increase energy efficiency.

We will start Kisense's installations in key customers, namely at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI), a partner whose technical and scientific recognition in Argentina will allow us to increase VPS business. The implementation of Kisense is also being finalized in customers in the services, banking and hotel sectors. Thus, we will strengthen our activity on the other side of the Atlantic by taking there our vast know-how and experience in the area of ​​intelligent energy management, acquired over the last 10 years with our activity in Europe.

With this visit, a plan was also launched to start pilot projects with local utilities for the installation of the latest VPS solution, Kiplo. Designed to help utilities optimize their activity, Kiplo promises to revolutionize the market for energy production and commercialization.

The operation in Argentina has the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Buenos Aires and AICEP - Portugal Global (Trade & Investment Agency).