VPS invited for Engerati webinar


We were invited to participate on a webinar by Engerati, in the beginning of April, which was about "Decentralised Energy: What impact on the Grid?". Beside VPS, also Gridco Systems and Itron were invited to be a part of this event.

The covered subjects were the impact of renewables - solar itself represented in the past 2,5 years as much energy produced as in the previous 50 years, energy storage, which has been growing at a 15% rate every year, and dynamic grid optimisation and balancing.

Engerati is a global network of over 35,000 energy professionals, with its focus on sustainable energy. It covers smart grids, renewable energy, data analytics, transmission & distribution, energy management, regulation and customer engagement.

The webinar is available here, but you must register for free on the Engerati website.