Cloogy Power Plug has been integrated with Muzzley app


We are pleased to announce that our Cloogy Power Plug is now part of the devices integrated with the mobile app Muzzley.

Muzzley is an IoT aggregator platform for home automation designed to aggregate different devices, from multiple manufacturers. It allows users to define automatic rules of interaction between devices, besides easing up the access to the different devices from one single point, the Muzzley app.

The Cloogy Power Plug is now part of the devices available on this platform and it is now possible to control (on/off) and check the consumption of any electrical device connected to the plug. All Muzzley app users have now the possibility to remotely control their electrical devices with just one click.

The main advantage of integration with this platform is the interoperability with an immense universe of intelligent devices from other manufacturers. By being integrated in the Muzzley universe, Cloogy Power Plug can communicate with other devices, such as thermostats and lights, to create an intelligent ecosystem for saving energy.