VPS Kiplo is the first Virtual Power Plant platform in the market

VPS launches Kiplo - 1st Virtual Power Plant platform

Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform Kiplo. Aimed at taking energy software platforms to the next level of functionality, Kiplo is the first platform to combine proven energy monitoring and management with the ability to optimise consumption and manage load, thereby creating the most highly functioning Virtual Power Plant platform on the market today.

Already under trial with a major blue chip customer Kiplo is driving additional benefits, over and above 23% efficiency savings, to realise the 10% of additional cost savings from the optimisation of consumption loads against prevailing tariff structures. VPS believes that this is the first operational VPP which targets energy efficiency, the optimisation of consumption and the monetisation of load.

Launched to support the 73MW VPS already has under management Kiplo can provide real benefits to customers operating in markets with or without load established load management. James Napier, CEO of VPS commented: “VPS has always been a leading provider of automated energy monitoring and demand management software platforms. Our expertise has allowed us to bring to market the first, fully integrated, platform that makes the Virtual Power Plant a reality for our customers today. As electricity markets evolve and we start to see the demand side become increasingly important we expect to see greater returns available for the efficient management of consumption and load.

In addition, penalties, likely in the form of peak pricing tariffs, will increase to penalise those who ignore the necessity to manage their load more effectively and responsibly. Kiplo provides our customers with real benefits today, providing granular data and automated action to minimise consumption as well as a future proofed solution that provides optimisation and load management. Kiplo will ensure that VPS remains at the leading edge of software that facilitates the energy networks of the future.”

Kiplo integrates embedded generation and storage, helping our clients to move towards the digital energy transition operating decentralised energy systems optimising the use of distributed generation, energy storage and ensuring more active involvement of consumers.

VPS is currently working with a range of commercial and utility clients in Europe to provide integrated platforms and expects to add up to an additional 100MW of load under management before the end of 2016.