VPS technology in the first "Smart Village Mountain"

First Smart Mountain Village uses VPS technology

Sabugueiro, the highest village in Portugal, has become the first Portuguese "Smart Mountain Village". Aiming to be a fundamental part in developing its citizens’ quality of life, this pioneering technological project is a joint-venture of the Vodafone Foundation and the Municipality of Seia.

The main goal of this initiative is to turn Sabugueiro village into a "showcase of good practices and innovation, transforming it into an icon when it comes to environmental sustainability, creative economies, urbanism, mobility and new technologies." This project will impact mainly on infrastructure management (electricity and water), health (vital signs monitoring), mobility (electric vehicles donation) and communication areas.

The technology and services used to make the Smart Village project possible belong to VPS and ISA Intellicare. These two companies were responsible for implementing crucial features and services, such as:

  • Installation of remote management system in a wastewater treatment plant and in a reservoir;

  • Installing 40 Cloogy Home energy efficiency kits;

  • Installation of a monitoring system for the village nursing home;

  • Replacement of 24 lamps and data confirmation for savings provided using Kisense software;

  • Vital signs monitoring with the OneCare Sensing solution of ISA Intellicare.

“We are here to invest heavily on authenticity and I think this is an absolutely brilliant initiative.” José Mendes, Secretary of State Assistant and of Environment.

“It’s a successful example of cutting-edge technology use at the service of society.” Mário Vaz, President of Vodafone Portugal Foundation.