Cloogy as an intelligent energy management platform for modern utilities

Cloogy adopted by modern utilities

Virtual Power Solutions just established partnerships with 2 new energy retailers: Kwiil, in Spain, and EnergiaSimples in Portugal, that will use our home energy management solution Cloogy as a customer engagement tool to grow into the market. Furthermore, it’s also currently being evaluated by two of the big six utilities in the UK.

These partnerships follow on from that made in 2015 with EsferaLuz. Also, our Cloogy solution was awarded the top prize in an online contest carried out by an electricity provider from the Nexus Energía Group who only provides 100% renewable energy to its customers.

Historically there are many more examples: Virtual Power Solutions, in 2013, together with Cooproriz, a cooperative devoted to supplying electricity to a local community, developed and implemented an electricity demand management system engaging 700households. VPS provided our Cloogy solution, the benchmark solution for home energy management, and this project was successfully completed during that year.

That same year, Energiegenossenschaft Rhein-Ruhr (EGRR) joined efforts with VPS in fighting energy waste. Based in the western part of Germany, this cooperative intended to improve energy efficiency and generate savings in EGRR associates houses. The partnership with Virtual Power Solutions led Cloogy to enter the German market starting with 500 consumers of the EGRR energy retailer.