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VPS wins urban demand-side energy management projects in Amsterdam and Lisbon

Demand-side energy projects by VPS

Virtual Power Solutions' Innovation Team focus on identifying new opportunities, aligning with strategic partners and launching new innovative projects. Incorporating dynamic open innovation, it draws and participates in new projects that will develop technologies and create new products and solutions for the company.

VPS was recently awarded a European project intended to enable urban demand-side energy management, entitled me2 (stands for Me Square and means “mobility + electricity = synergy”). Virtual Power Solutions will be responsible for the system development in the two pilot cities, Amsterdam and Lisbon. The other partners of this project are the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, MOOSMOAR Energies OG, MediaPrimer, UniversidadeCatólica Portuguesa and Lisboa E-Nova.

VPS has already a background in this type of projects. On "Save Energy", a project which ran between 2009 and 2012, ICT was utilised to change the behaviour of public buildings users regarding energy efficiency in 5 European cities (Helsinki, Manchester, Lisbon, Lulea and Leiden). Virtual Power Solutions was responsible for the Lisbon pilot and for developing the middleware for the heterogeneous technological components interoperability and the energy efficiency management platform. With this project, the VPS platform demonstrated approx. 30% of annual energy savings in those public buildings.