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Virtual Power Solutions moves into high gear in 2016 by bringing its unique energy savings platform

Kisense enters UK market

Partnerships with leading companies Anesco and Energy Tectonics will provide access to its Smart Microgrid Solutions system, helping organisations reduce their utility costs and carbon footprint.

Virtual Power Solutions confirms today strategic partnerships with Anesco and Energy Tectonics in the UK gain traction to provide the latest in Smart Microgrid Solutions to their customers. The company provides a unique ESaaS (Energy Savings as a Service) solution to all sectors - industrial and commercial, SME and domestic and, with these partnership, starts its expansion in the UK market. Anesco ranks among the top 250 fastest growing companies in the country and Energy Tectonics, sister company to Property Tectonics, together form a leading-edge consultancy renowned for its innovative approach to building development and facilities and energy management in customer-focused integrated solutions.

Anesco, the fastest growing UK ESCO in 2013 and 2014, is a national company dedicated to helping homeowners, local authorities and businesses reduce their carbon emissions. Anesco`s CEO, Adrian Pike, commented: "Through this partnership with Virtual Power Solutions we are further enhancing our services and the `whole building` approach we take to energy efficiency."

The partnership with Energy Tectonics, a construction consultancy company that delivers innovation, creativity and quality in the built environment by fusing expertise with intelligent software, will allow Virtual Power Solutions to equip several social housing units with energy monitoring devices.

With the recent COP21 Convention on Climate Change in Paris bringing together an unprecedented level of worldwide awareness and commitment to carbon reduction, this is the turning point for people to more actively pursue strategies aimed at reducing consumption and emissions.

Leading-edge solutions for energy management, Virtual Power Solutions has developed a unique energy management system that combines demand management with building automation technology. Using proprietary technology, Virtual Power Solutions can provide building owners/users with real-time visibility and control of their energy consumption. The technology creates a Smart Microgrid Solutions system, helping organisations reduce their utility costs and carbon footprint.

James Napier, CEO at Virtual Power Solutions, states: "Our mission is to provide energy consumers and their partners with the ability to see and control their energy consumption in real-time. Allowing them to minimise the consumption and carbon footprint of their buildings without compromising the day to day operations of these facilities."

In the industrial and commercial sector, more than 1,000 buildings and 20MW are currently under management by Virtual Power Solutions using its proprietary platform Kisense, allowing consumers to save thousands of pounds per year. Our client base range from SME companies through large I&C customers, from Public Buildings such as Airports, Schools and Hospitals, to Hotel Groups and Banks.

In the domestic sector, Virtual Power Solutions has shipped more than 20,000 units of the uniquely designed plug and play Cloogy kit, which ranks best in class in the world of home energy management solution in terms of user experience. The geographies range from the UK, Germany and France to Spain and Portugal. Reported savings in the domestic sector sometimes reach more than 25% of the total consumption.