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Major projects in the Banking Sector

Three major banks trust Kisense by Virtual Power Solutions

Since mid-2012, Virtual Power Solutions, formerly ISA Energy, is actively monitoring energy consumption in the banking sector. The first project with Novo Banco lead to an annual saving of 600,000€ with circa 2000 points of energy and environmental measurements, in 19 central buildings and 358 branches.

Since then, two further major Portuguese banks - Millennium BCP and Banco Popular - have adopted our solutions to increase their energy efficiency, by monitoring all energy consumptions and generating savings worth several hundred thousand euros per year.

Virtual Power Solutions guarantees with Kisense, an energy consumption monitoring and management software, backed up by our five star custom support team and a wide range of significant features: energy cost reduction, real-time information on detailed consumption values, increased efficiency in energy resources management and reduction of inefficiencies, waste and excessive consumption.