Virtual Power Solutions monitors Portuguese and Brazilian Airports

Kisense monitors airports in Portugal and Brazil

Regardless of the dimension, an airport is always an infrastructure where energy is consumed in large amounts. Thus, to improve the practices of energy management and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which impact on our environment, efficiency comes as a long-term priority to this sector.

Virtual Power Solutions, formerly ISA Energy, started a project with ANA Aeroportos in Portugal in 2012 for monitoring and improving energy efficiency in the 3 Portuguese mainland international airports as well as 3 of the Azores archipelago.

In 2015 we started a project in Rio de Janeiro’s Tom Jobim international airport where we provide our Kisense solution to do what we do best: managing energy consumption and generating savings with our know-how, technology and associated customer service.

With Kisense, Virtual Power Solutions assure that the benefits to the airports are monitored. By increasing energy efficiency, the airport can reduce energy costs, increase the levels of comfort and passenger satisfaction, reduce the carbon footprint, and increase the levels of efficiency of operation and maintenance.