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Virtual Power Plant Platform

Kiplo makes Virtual Power Plants a reality today. Optimising consumption, generation, storage and grids, Kiplo is an advanced Power Optimisation software platform.


Kiplo is the first proven platform that provides integrated Power Optimisation via a single platform. Providing solutions at both single building and grid scale, Kiplo utilises granular, real-time data to provide ongoing optimisation of the connected network. Future proofed, it seamlessly incorporates & optimises changes in input costs, such as the implementation of differential pricing tariffs, lowering costs of storage and significant rises in carbon taxes.


Supported by our own team of experts, Kiplo provides the market with the Virtual Power Plant of the future, today.

Connecting Power

The smart design embedded within the Kiplo Smart Engine™ optimises Kiplo Connected Networks™ as Virtual Power Plants by processing real time, granular data into automated actions across the network. Creating a 'virtuous circle' of optimisation, the Kiplo Smart Engine™ constantly updates inputs and the needs of consumers to dynamically optimise the operation of the Virtual Power Plant and the value created.

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