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Virtual Power Solutions

is an innovative, market leader in the design and operation of dynamic connected platforms, providing real-time granular data to consumers, network operators and utilities. We minimise consumption by increasing energy efficiency, optimising the time of use and monetising loads.

Our team of experts has a strong and proven track record in providing significant benefits to all stakeholders in the modern energy network. We aim to be the largest European Virtual Power Plants’ builder and operator.

The Power to do more with less.

Management Team


Our Team

Mission,Vision, Values

Our Mission

To provide clients with real time ‘Active Demand Management’ of their energy needs and resources by:

  • Enabling large, industrial users to monetise the flexibility embedded in their peak demand

  • Providing a wide range of users, from Industrial & Commercial (I&C) to Domestic, the means of gaining real time, Active Management of their energy consumption; minimising consumption and future proofing their consumption against changes in tariff structures


To provide network operators with access to large scale, flexible, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to offer demand balancing as an alternative to additional supply capacity and network expansion:

  • Leveraging this through the VPS Integrated Platform (VIP), to derive value from minimising, optimising and monetising all aspects of our customer’s energy demand

  • Providing the largest source of ‘Demand Megawatts Under Active Management’ across Europe

Our Vision

Using our experience, technology, creativity and excellent customer service for cities, companies and citizens to enjoy natural resources in the most efficient way possible.

Our Values

In fulfilling our mission, we conduct all our operation by a set of principles based on the values that we believe in and stand by:

  • Deliver WOW through customer service

  • Build open and honest relationships

  • Build a positive mood and family spirit

  • Do more with less

  • Be ambitious, creative and open minded

  • Be humble, learn and grow